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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

efargo: Internet, Print, Radio, T.V.

Fargo, North Dakota Advertising on the Internet
With millions of users & thousands more coming online daily, conducting business on the internet is growing at an unprecedented rate. In 1998 online retail sales tripled from the previous year and are projected to follow or surpass that trend into the foreseeable future. A commercial website can be developed for the cost of a quarter page yellow pages listing or less - so the question becomes not whether your organization can afford an Internet presence - it's whether you can afford not to.

Fargo, North Dakota Increasing Market Share
Businesses or individuals who are seeking your product or service are able to browse your detailed information online 24 X 7 at their leisure. Additionally, you may find markets for your business you were previously unaware of because your product or service is not available locally or acquiring your product is more cost effective/convenient.

Fargo, North Dakota Print Radio, and Television
With ever increasing advertising costs an Internet campaign may be the low-cost solution for you. You're already budgeting for advertising. Internet advertising is available at your prospective customer's leisure on a global basis.

Fargo, North Dakota Size and Time Constraints
On the Internet your detailed information is available allowing your prospects to evaluate it thoroughly. A thirty second spot on radio or television is costly and only allows you enough time to introduce your business and you're finished. Newspapers are also expensive and limit your message with size constraints.

Advertising on the Internet should be a part of your overall promotional strategy with an addition of your url to your existing & future media.

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